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The Wiggly Herald

I have setup an automated online newspaper that aggregates trending posts form various social networking websites on the subject of worm farming and organic gardening.

Red Worm Composting

If you are into worm farming, you cannot go passed this excellent blog from Bentley Christie aka "The Compost Guy". This blog is a reference and you will learn so much from all the blog posts Bentley has written. Bentley is also the founder of the Worm Farming Alliance, website dedicated to helping people start up and promote a vermicomposting (or similar) business.

"Red Worm Composting (Worm Farming/Vermicomposting)"
Facebook group

8000+ members at the time of writing of this page. The group has been created by Bentley Christie (see above). Great place to find info and help about composting with Red Wigglers but also other types of compost worms and various vermicomposting systems.

"Vermicomposting - Worm farming"
Facebook group

This group's ownership has now been transfered to Uncle Jim's (UJ) Worm Farm and administrated by his daughter Mary. Some of the former influencial admins and moderators have left since the change.

Brian "The Worm Man"

Brian aka "The Worm Man" is one of the admin of several Facebook worm farming groups one of which counts more than 14K members! Brian is located in QLD, Australia and specialise in raising African Nightcrawlers for bait. "The Worm Man" website is rich in information on how to start and maintain a domestic worm farming operation, it is also the only Australian distributor of the popular "Worm Inn" and "Worm Inn Mega".

Worm Farming Revealed

Another excellent online resource created by Pauly Piccirillo aka "DrWorm". Pauly has been very succesful in growing his organic garden with the help of vermicompost and aerated worm compost tea. Pauly is also the author of worm farming and gardening books. I have his "Worm Farming Revealed" eBook and I find it very well written and full of gold information. And don't miss his "Poop Scoop" newsletter.

The Rogue Wiggler ebook

Have you heard of the Blue Worms or Perionyx Excavatus? Those who owns them either love them, hate them or have lost them. Larry J. Shier, a reputable and knowledgeable 'worm head', has written this little digital guide to share with us what he has discovered about these amazing composters along the year and how to keep them happy.

The Urban Worm Company

Looking for information and online tools to help you with your worm farms? The Urban Worm Company has some neat tools such as their map of worm farmers around the world or the amazing worm calculator that gives you will allow you to calculate worm growth, vermicomposting capacity and financial value.