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Worm Bin Calculator

Disclaimer: this tool uses the average stats of worms in order to make the calculation. The resulting numbers cannot be accurate due to a lot of possible criterias potentially affecting the results; things such as weather conditions, breathability of the material of your worm bin, the type of food you give your worms, how frequently your worm gets disturbed by over-worried worm farmers :-D etc...

The purpose of the worm bin calculator is to help the beginners to get their numbers and know how to start:

  • How much worms do I need?
  • What size and how many bins are required?
  • With what I currently have, what is the average time till full speed?
  • etc...

If you are running a business and would like to estimate worm growth, vermicomposting capcity and financial value, you might want to try the Urban Worm Calculator:

Measurement units
Metrics (cm, kg etc...) Imperial (inch, lbs etc...)
How much food scrap do you gather per week?
What is the main type of worms you will be using?
Quantity of worms you are going to start with.
Estimated percentage of mature worms?
What type of worm bin will it be?
What are the dimensions of your worm bin?
X X  
How proficient are you in worm farming?
Average results for your bin:
Surface area and volume:
Maximum worm population:
  or  individuals
Initial weekly feeding amount per bin:
  plus same in bedding material
Weekly feeding amount per bin at max population:
  plus same in bedding material
Estimated time to max population:
Once at maximum population, you will need:
bin(s) to process all your food scraps
Detailed calculation logs:
New this week
Adults Juveniles Babies Cocoons
Total to date
Adults Juveniles Babies Cocoons
Total biomass:

Urban Worm Calculator

Are you running or planning to run a worm business? Sooner or later you will be asking yourself questions about worm population growth, vermicomposting capacity or financial value. Those numbers requires some mathematical gymnastics and if you want to spare yourself some headaches then Steve Churchil from the Urban Worm Company has a great calculator made for you! (by the way, is your business listed on the Urban Worm Network yet?)

The calculator works a bit like my Worm Bin Calculator above, you enter some worm and business data and the calculator does the maths for you and gives very useful numbers. The calculator support metric and imperial metrics and 8 different currencies. The tool is supported by text and video tutorials, you can print your projected goal and tweak the input to see how it affect the end result.

The Urban Worm Calculator

Such a quality tool comes to a price, but the Urban Worm Calculator will not burn your wallet, it is at only a one time $11.99.

Order your discounted Urban Worm Calculator now!

This calculator could make a difference in your business, start planning your farm for better performance and profits.

Visit the Urban Worm Company
Submit your worm business to the Urban Worm Network directory
The Urban Worm Calculator video tutorials
The Urban Worm Calculator complete guide

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