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  • My airlift vortex AACT brewer

    Posted in A day in a worm farm on Sep 09, 2017

    I recently created a large BSF (Black Soldier Fly) larvae compost bin so my previous design using an inverted pontoon pile cap has been converted into a more suitable use: an airlift vortext Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewer. The shape of the container makes it ideal for this type of tea brewer.

    My previous compost tea brewer that uses an air diffuser was working great, however, due to the number of small pvc sections (over 20, not counting the air pipe) and fittings, it was a bit tedious to clean, even though not too bad. For this new design, there is only 9 sections (not counting the air p...

  • DIY plastic drum BSFL compost bin

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, Black Soldier Fly Larvae on Aug 26, 2017

    After the success of my previous BSFL compost bins I decided that for this coming season I will build a larger system that will allow me to use more larvae and compost more food waste. So I use the materials I collected over the months and started the construction of Pantagruel. Those who have followed me must now know about Gargantua, my DIY CFT. In the french Literature, Gargantua is a character from a novel from the 16th century by François Rabelais, Pantagruel is Gargantua's son, they both have a huge appetite.

    About two years ago, I have collected three 220L (55 gallons) plastic drums, tw...

  • Using horse manure to feed the worms

    Posted in A day in a worm farm on Aug 05, 2017

    For a home scale worm farm, the use of animal manure is totally unnecessary. With one to three worm farms of the style of the Worm Cafe for example, my family of three generates more food than the worms can eat. However, because I have a CFT worm farm and multiple other larger systems I need more food source for all the worms. I sometimes receive kitchen scraps from friends but there are times where I need more. That's where the horse manure come into play. I have access to free fresh horse manure, just 13 minutes from home.

    Today, with a friend, we went collecting about maybe 15 large bags of...

  • Harvesting the Worm Swag

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag on Aug 02, 2017

    I went in the garden today and noticed that the mulberry tree is fruiting! I think it has been two years that I planted these trees from cuttings donated by Annette, a member of "Swap Your Crop" Facebook group. How exciting! This reminds me of my childhood in New Caledonia, I used to climb mulberry trees and spend hours eating the fruits.




    I need to take care of those two little trees. So today I decided to harvest my Worm Swag for the first time and add the vermicompost to the pots.

    So the Swag was designed to be harvested from the bottom. There is an opening in the fabric that is held clos...

  • New milestone: Gargantua CFT is ready for harvest

    Posted in Gargantua the CFT worm bin, A day in a worm farm on Jul 29, 2017

    Woohoo, today is a big day for my little worm farm! Gargantua, my homemade CFT, is finally ready for its first harvest. It is now full and I can start a regular harvest.

    Just a quick reminder on how you harvest a CFT of this style. There are CFT worm bins that have a grid and a blade that cut a slice of vermicompost VC off the bottom. Gargantua however uses a simple false bottom made of PVC pipes. To harvest it you need to rake the bottom and the VC falls down.

    In a commercial CFT weekly fed with horse manure, the manure loose about 25% of volume when it is converted to vermicompost by the wor...

  • The Worm Swag: Food challenge part 2, results after a week

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag on Apr 09, 2017

    After a week, there are still many food pieces left but they are all difficult to break down food pieces (banana peels, avocado skins, citrus skins etc...) but as you can see on the below images, the level has dropped down quite a bit.

    Worm Swag worm farm

    Worm Swag worm farm

    Worm Swag worm farm

    Worm Swag worm farm

  • The Worm Swag: Food challenge part 2

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag on Apr 03, 2017

    Tonight, my kitchen scraps collection bucket is full again. The other worm bins have already been fed over the weekend so I wanted to retry the previous challenge and see if I can consistently get the same results or if it was fluke. But this time I won't prepare the food scraps and will dump straight on top of a thick layer of shredded cardboard.

    This is how the content looked like before I added anything as part as today's experiement. You can see it has dropped quite a bit, almost like if the 10L from the last experiment have all vanished...


    As usual, a lot of dry bedding material is added...

  • The Worm Swag: Food challenge part 1

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag on Apr 03, 2017

    On March 18th I decided that the Swag was ready for a food challenge and dumped into it 10L of kitchen scraps that I have gradually collected over the week in a indoor composting bucket. Reminder: that Swag has been started about 3 months prior to the experiment and was filled with bedding and worms from several RELN Worm Factories (Australian domestic worm bins).

    The food scraps has prepared by mixing it with hand torn newspaper and adding a little bit of garden lime (calcium carbonate) to help control the pH (acidity). I usually add dry bedding materials (newspaper, corrugated cardboard) to ...

  • Worm'ag Issue 2 and new eBook available

    Posted in A day in a worm farm on Mar 13, 2017


    I launched Worm'ag in December 2016 as a quarterly online magazine. It is quite a challenging project but fun and enriching. I learned that you need to handle many more aspects than just writing the actual articles. A magazine is very visual, so I not only had to have the articles but I also had to deal with the photographs and the layout. Another challenge is when you start to get external people involved, there is a lot of back and forth to fine tune the content. I don't have a designer or a co-editor and I do my own photography so getting the magazine out on time is a lot of time managemen...

  • Homemade BSFL protapod

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, Black Soldier Fly Larvae on Feb 19, 2017

    Couple of weeks ago I found this I don't know what type of plastic container in a rubbish bin near a marina so I took it back as I could do something for the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. The bottom has a conical shape so I thought it would be great for drainage. The dimensions of the container are 44cm (17in) diameter, 30cm (12in) deep and the tapered zone is 18cm (7in) high.


    Today I decided to make a mini protapod. I started to make the ramp by cutting a triangle out of a foam play mat for kids. It is glued to the container using some aquarium grade silicon caulk.


    I then fitted a 32mm PVC pipe...