Gargantua my homemade CFT worm farm

Gargantua CFT worm bin

After almost two years running a single Reln Worm Factory (equivalent to Worm Factory 360), I, one day, posted a wanted message on a local Freecycle group and got a donation of two other Reln Worm Factory farms, two Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms and one Tumbleweed Worm Cafe, three of which contained healthy red wigglers. One of the donated farms were contaminated with Blue Indian worms (Perionyx Spenceralia) which are reputed for their temperamental character and would mass exodus every time something is to their dislike. Luckily, I never had issues with them and had started to really like their voracious appetite and speedy breeding cycle. If you want to know more about these "Blue Worms", check this awesome digital guide called Rogue Wigglers"

With 2 more Worm Factories given by a friend and a wooden crate converted into a horizontal migration worm bin, I ended up with 9 worm farms. Feeding them all twice a week was not bad but definitely an effort compared to one or two farms. So after few months, I decided I wanted to try a CFT (Continuous Flow Through) worm bin, and with the help of my father and my 4 year old boy, I built a wooden CFT out of salvaged pallet wood and I called it Gargantua.

I will migrate the content to this website in the future, but meanwhile, check my previous Facebook post about Gargantua: Gargantua, the CFT worm bin, you can also watch some of the videos in the resources section.