Compost tea quality control - part 3: AACT microbiology assay day 2

Yesterday was a very long day for me. The travel home from work took me an extra 15 minutes on top of my usual 1h50 and had to go shopping first. So I got home at around 7:40pm and had dinner before stopping the compost tea brewer and take a sample for checking it under the microscope.

Keeping in mind that I still need to apply the tea to my garden, I tried not to take too much time looking at microbes.

Nothing spectacular, I just noticed more visible mobile microorganisms even at 80x where I usually see nothing. There was a large amount of both flagellate and ciliate Protozoa and lots of bacteria but not in astronomical amount. Which was to be expected due to the type of food source I used for this brew (only kelp and alfalfa meal and no molasses). I counted a few fungal hyphae but again nothing spectacular. Amongst the other organisms there was some Testate Amoeba and some fungal spores.


Piece of microarthopod carcass


Testate Amoeba

Last assay revealed a lot of bacteria in my soil but not many larger organisms such as Protozoa and fungal hyphae. So this tea will be helpful for the nutrient recycling.

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