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  • The Urban Worm Bag: A new worm bin is born, it's exciting!

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, Product Reviews on Nov 10, 2017

    Something new is always exciting

    It’s been a while since I have seen a new type of worm bin appearing on the market, especially here in Australia. I know in France for example there had been models of vermicomposting systems that I have never seen here. The City Worms for example is one sexy home scale worm farm.


    This blog is a bit long, if you just want to jump to the product page, the link is at the bottom.

    Little tour of some the existing worm bins

    Before I start discussing the new product, the Urban Worm Bag, lets have a quick tour of some of existing commercial worm bins out there.


  • The Worm Swag review update

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag, Product Reviews on Dec 17, 2016

    This is a follow up on the Early Worm Swag Review.

    No long after the previous review of the Swag, I started filling it with shredded cardboard, Worm'ditioner and food scraps. I have not added the worms yet to let the food break down and give time for bacteria to colonise the system.


    Getting the food ready with some bedding material. Some of the bedding and Worm'ditioner has already been mixed into the scraps


    6 inches of bedding material and then the food scraps is added on top


    A bit more Worm'ditioner


    I then covered the whole thing with more bedding material

    2 days later, I could see that ...

  • Early review of the Worm Swag

    Posted in A day in a worm farm, The Worm Swag, Product Reviews on Dec 12, 2016

    Worm Swag Review

    A little bit of history

    Worm Farming IMG_6181.jpg

    When I decided to get more seriously into worm farming, I was researching on various models of worm farms that I could use. Not knowing anything, then, about the importance of breahability, depth, surface area etc... what I was after was the look... Then I read a lot of good things about the Worm Inn and found the Red Worm Composting blog and The Worm Dude (the manufacturer) where you could see the product under tests and it was amazing. Jerry "The Worm dude" Gach was throwing all sort of scraps without chopping, like whole pumpkin, never torn or shred...