Gargantua the CFT worm bin

  • New milestone: Gargantua CFT is ready for harvest

    Posted in Gargantua the CFT worm bin, A day in a worm farm on Jul 30, 2017

    Woohoo, today is a big day for my little worm farm! Gargantua, my homemade CFT, is finally ready for its first harvest. It is now full and I can start a regular harvest.

    Just a quick reminder on how you harvest a CFT of this style. There are CFT worm bins that have a grid and a blade that cut a slice of vermicompost VC off the bottom. Gargantua however uses a simple false bottom made of PVC pipes. To harvest it you need to rake the bottom and the VC falls down.

    In a commercial CFT weekly fed with horse manure, the manure loose about 25% of volume when it is converted to vermicompost by the wor...

  • Gargantua update June 2016

    Posted in Gargantua the CFT worm bin on Jun 22, 2016

    Gargantua started operating on March 15th 2016, this is now over 3 months. I'm more than happy with it and the worm population has exploded. There is a good mix of Blue Indians and Red Wigglers but I added a few European Nightcrawlers and Cod Worms (Alabama Jumpers) to see how they would do.

    A large worm bin is so much easier to maintain than several smaller bins or even a single bin. You worry less about what food and the quantity because once it is at or near full speed (max worm population) the worms will eat a lot and the large amount of bedding is giving them space to retreat to if anythi...