Homemade fish amino acid

Yesterday night I tried one recipe for fish hydrolysate (fish amino acid) that only required fish, vermicompost, molasses, yeast and water. Today after talking to my friend Larry J. Shier from The Blue Worm Bin, I tested the traditional way of making fish amino acid with just the fish and the same amount of raw sugar. This method is from the Korean Natural Farming community.

What I did was simply:

  • cut the fish
  • added a layer of raw sugar in a 5L bucket
  • add a layer of fish pieces
  • add more sugar to cover the layer of fish, shaking the bucket to settle the sugar
  • add another layer of fish
  • add more sugar until I covered the fish with 5 cm of sugar
  • closed the lid tightly

That's it, the bucket was filled to 3/4 of its height. Now I just need to wait 2 to 4 weeks. The waster in the fish will be absorbed by the sugar and will be enough to make a kind of slurry.








That's it, it's too easy that it made me worried I might have missed something... We'll see.

Meanwhile, I started another Aerated Compost Tea brew. The next brew, hopefully, will incorporate a little bit of this homemade fish amino acid as I'm looking to make some fungal dominant compost tea.


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