I'm now also blogging on Steemit

While some superstars can earn a lot of money blogging and vlogging, I barely get any cents from my current blog and Youtube channel. On top of that, because my traffic is not comparable to the other blogging celebrities, Youtube has disable monetization on my account. The ads on my worms/BSF related pages don't bring me even 10 USD per year...

The main purpose is not to make money but more to share the information anyway.

But what if I could do both at once? Is that possible? Well that's what a new blogging / social network platform is claiming.

Steemit.com is a new generation blogging platform that runs on top of a technology that also powers Bitcoin: the blockchain. Steemit system generates a steady amount of new tokens every day but unlike the mining process with Bitcoins, the new generated tokens are not given to the successful miners, instead they are rewarding the members of different categories:

  • the witnesses: the STEEM blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof of Stake, or DPOS. Witnesses get 10% of the generated new STEEM, the 90% remaining is stored in a reward pool that will be distributed to authors and curators
  • the authors: members who create content are called authors, the content can be a blog post or a comment to a blog post.
  • the curators: members who upvote (like) blog posts or comments are called curators.

Each vote from curators will assign a weight to the content, this weight depends on the reputation of the user. The final weight of a content after 7 days will define how much share of the reward pool the content will be worth. That amount will be then split 75% to the content author and 25% shared between the curators.

What this means is that as a content creator or a curator anyone can generate revenue without the need to spend any money (not that you cannot) or using any ads.


Lets take an example, lets check my first post on Steemit: Hello Steemians, I'm a web developer guy from Wyoming, Australia but I will be mainly posting about worms, black soldier flies (BSF) farming and related subjects.

This introduction post of mine received 25 upvotes from other members of the network and the total weight from those upvotes made my post worth $25 STU. After 7 days, my split of the reward was 9.447 SBD and 2.439 STEEM POWER. 9.447 SBD was at that time about 42 USD, that's not bad!

Lets check another one: Growing Rice Paddy Herb by the kitchen window

I wrote that blog post yesterday evening and in the morning I got over 150 upvotes making it worth $91 STU that means 34 SBD which is about 169 USD. And none of the people who upvoted my post have spent any cents to do so, the money that I will get as a reward will be coming from the new STEEM tokens generated daily and as you can see there are no ads either.

Even you could join and either write content or help curating content. That's way better than browsing Facebook or Youtube and liking content there, all your likes and views will enrich Facebook and Google way more than it will help the bloggers that you are following.

I'm still new on Steemit and don't fully understand everything about how it works yet, but from my couple of first weeks, I think it has a great potential.

If you want to follow me on Steemit, check this page: https://steemit.com/@quochuy

If you want to join and help me and many great content creators by curating then it's even better, you can even make some money yourself doing so.

More information about Steemit:

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