It's Spring, lets getting the garden ready

We are well into Spring here in Australia (NSW) and like any gardener this is an exciting time. Eventhough you can still grow veggies in our winter I usually let my garden take a rest to give time to the organic matter I added in the garden beds to break down into rich nutrients and breed beneficial organisms, it is usually time for me to go fishing for Blackfish (Luderick).

So this year, I have decided I want to focus on my soil and feed the micro-organisms that call it home. So the plan is to augment a commercial organic potting mix for three new garden beds:

  • add some dirt
  • add a balanced amount of organic matter: leaves, coco coir, Lucerne (Alfalfa) mulch, woodchips, cardboard etc...
  • add some trace minerals and for this I have chosen Zeolite (0.0 to 0.5mm)
  • add some vermicompost

Being inspired by Pauly "DrWorm" Piccirillo, I'm this year following his Worm Farming Revealed - Secret Recipe to select and balance the ingredient for the soil for my garden beds.


If you are interested in making your own soil mix, check Paul's Worm Farming Revealed - Secret Recipe I think it is worth the effort doing this mix and it does make sense why it works.

This week my 5 year old son has helped me planting few new plants I wanted to try in the garden:

  • Strasberry strawberry
  • Pineberry strawberry
  • Lavender
  • Dogbane (Piss-Off plant) to keep neighbour cats away
  • Borage
  • Mushroom plant

Organic Gardening IMG_4655.jpg

Organic Gardening FullSizeRender.jpg

Yesterday I went for a day trip (almost 4hrs drive one way) to a Zeolite quarry to fetch the awesome rock dust. It has many trace minerals and its micro-porous surface allows retention of moisture, nutrient and makes great breeding ground for bacteria.

This morning before breakfast I went watering the garden and start making a batch of soil mix. Organic Gardening IMG_4722.jpg

Organic Gardening IMG_4723.jpg

Hopefully I will soon convert this backyard lawn area into a veggie garden: Organic Gardening IMG_4725.jpg

Following Pauly's recipe I will also regularly use Aerated Vermiompost Tea on my crops:

Now it is time for me to take the family out to the beach and enjoy our Sunday.

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