My airlift vortex AACT brewer

I recently created a large BSF (Black Soldier Fly) larvae compost bin so my previous design using an inverted pontoon pile cap has been converted into a more suitable use: an airlift vortext Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewer. The shape of the container makes it ideal for this type of tea brewer.

My previous compost tea brewer that uses an air diffuser was working great, however, due to the number of small pvc sections (over 20, not counting the air pipe) and fittings, it was a bit tedious to clean, even though not too bad. For this new design, there is only 9 sections (not counting the air pipe) that are of larger diameter (40mm instead of 15mm) making it a bit easier to maintain.

A video is better than too much reading so here it is:

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