Update on my little farm

I just went for a round counting and measuring all the vermicomposting systems (including vermiculture and vermicomposting) I have and it is totalling 5.75 sqm (62 sqft) of surface area. I'm currently stopping expanding the vermicomposting but need more breeding trays for the bait worms. That can potentially consume 124 lbs (56 kgs) of scraps/manure/etc... per week with a potential average worm population of up to 124 000 worms. I'm currently under feeding my systems...

Here are the details:

  • 9 breeder trays of 38x27 cm (6 are for ENC, 3 for reds)
  • 1 grow out tray of 41x56 cm (blues)
  • 2 grow out tray of 59x45 cm (one ENC, one mixed species)
  • 1 grow out tray of 52x33 cm (mixed species)
  • 1 grow out tray of 74x36 cm (ENC)
  • 1 grow out tray of 53x25 cm (Blues)
  • 1 CFT (Gargantua) of 100x55 cm
  • 2 Worm Cafe/Factory of 53x35 cm (one ENC, one mixed species)
  • 1 Wooden box (Quasimodo) of78x72 cm
  • 1 Wooden box of 127x28 cm
  • 2 Worm Swag of 59 cm in diameter
  • 6 Big Rotters, made of a single Worm Factory tray of 53x35 cm

The breeding is still at an experimental stage, I'm still having fun with it but will try to go a bit more seriously soon. I will probably need to build some shelving frame so I can take advantage of the vertical space as the room where the breeding systems are installed is rather small.

As food source, obviously my own food scraps is not enough, so I started to get external sources which includes horse manure that I hot compost in my backyard.

As for traditional composting I have:

  • 1 commercial composting bin of 61 x 58 x 72 cm
  • 1 homemade enclosure of 105 x 110 x 100 cm
  • 1 plastic barrel of 180L with large holes drilled in the side

If you live around my area (Wyoming, near Gosford in the Central Coast) and would like to visit the little worm farm, give me a shout, I would be happy to give you a little tour and provide some tips and answers to your worm farming questions.






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