The Worm Swag: Food challenge part 1

On March 18th I decided that the Swag was ready for a food challenge and dumped into it 10L of kitchen scraps that I have gradually collected over the week in a indoor composting bucket. Reminder: that Swag has been started about 3 months prior to the experiment and was filled with bedding and worms from several RELN Worm Factories (Australian domestic worm bins).

The food scraps has prepared by mixing it with hand torn newspaper and adding a little bit of garden lime (calcium carbonate) to help control the pH (acidity). I usually add dry bedding materials (newspaper, corrugated cardboard) to a total of one to double the volume of scraps. That dry material will absorb any excess moisture from the scraps.


I added a thick layer of dry hand torn (really no need for a shredder) newspaper into the Worm Swag and dumped the scraps on top of it.


Here is the pile of food scraps before I spread it out evenly on the surface area.


I then covered with some coffee chaffs (the husk, remaining of the roasting process). This acts like the bedding material to absorb excess moisture but also to help control the odour.


The mesh cover then is closed and I will wait for about a week. swag-food-challenge-part1-05.jpg

Here is the results:

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