The Worm Swag: Food challenge part 2

Tonight, my kitchen scraps collection bucket is full again. The other worm bins have already been fed over the weekend so I wanted to retry the previous challenge and see if I can consistently get the same results or if it was fluke. But this time I won't prepare the food scraps and will dump straight on top of a thick layer of shredded cardboard.

This is how the content looked like before I added anything as part as today's experiement. You can see it has dropped quite a bit, almost like if the 10L from the last experiment have all vanished...


As usual, a lot of dry bedding material is added before the food waste to absorb excess moisture and garden lime is sprinkled on it for pH control. This time I used shredded cardboard (corrugated). You can see my kitchen waste collection bucket on the right.


The fruits and veggies waste is then dumped as is on the dry bedding material, I made sure to spread any leachate evenly on the surface area so the dry cardboard has the chance to absorb it all. Here is the pile of food waste.


The pile is then spread out evenly on the surfacea area, what a mess lol.


I then covered with a bit more of shredded cardboard and a lot of coffee chaff. You can compare with the previous image to assess the thickness.


The mesh cover is closed back in place and I installed my homemade wooden Black Soldier Fly egg trap because all this fermenting food waste and coffee chaff will exhude a very attractive smell that will attract the females soldier flies.


We are in Autumn here in Australia and this year the rain has been almost non stop for two months now I think. So I needed to protect the egg trap from the rain and as soon as it stops and a bit of sunshine shows up the flies might come around for a quick oviposition. The Swag is in a semi covered location, but it is best to keep the trap dry at all time.


See you in a week to see the results.

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